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  2. beawilderment:

    he’s making it hop

    this is the only thing I care about

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  3. My goal is to some day attend Coachella dressed entirely in Ann Taylor apparel.

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  4. I like that Kell On Earth is on Netflix now.

    I feel like it’s giving me a warm up for the hell I think I want to do for the beginning of my career.

  5. ackb:

    Hey teacher friends! Did you know you can get a free Basecamp account if you’re a teacher?

    I use Basecamp for work and kind of love it. 

    Check it out!

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    I just saw this and yelled “PRAISE THE LORD!”

    I just saw this and yelled “PRAISE THE LORD!”

  8. graceohmalley:

    First day with temps over 65 degrees of 2014 = first sunburn of 2014

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    Right?! It’s a really fucked up part of our society that we place blame and anger on her. Let’s think about how that translates to the real world.

  10. @reginne

    You are wonderful!

  11. @maricoals

    Thanks for the website recommendation!

    Have fun camping this weekend!

  12. 22:38 11th Apr 2014

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    Something is working.

    I have a big, scary meeting on Monday morning, or at least it seems that way in my head.

    I’m struggling to know of ways to not obsess about if all weekend.

    I think working out is my only option.

    However, all I can do right now is watch episodes of RHONY. And thankfully they are loading quickly.

    Let’s hope the run and yoga go as well tomorrow.

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Really needed this today.


    Really needed this today.

  14. I just wanted to find out where I could get a similar Skyler White style robe, so I googled it.

    Boy… was that a mistake. I stumbled into a scary internet k-hole full of awful things about her.

    The internet is not a cute place for women.

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    Ladies who lunch.

    Ladies who lunch.