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    End of semester over attachment to yoga pants and sweaters.

    End of semester over attachment to yoga pants and sweaters.

  2. 19:36 22nd Apr 2014

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    Billy Eichner’s videos are waaaay better after 2 cheap, sugary mojitos.

  3. 18:35 21st Apr 2014

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    Just trying to get on your level 😘

  4. @missmella

    Hell yeah! Productivity for the win!

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    Yeah, I bought 50% off bags of Easter candy and yeah, I’m watching Bridezillas with my roommates wife while eating said candy.

    You could say I’m really good at prepping for finals week.

  6. @gorr

    Necklace: DSW, I bought it a few weeks ago so I’m sure they still have it, sadly I couldn’t find it online though.

    Top: Because I’m 17, it’s from Vampire Weekend’s newest album Modern Vampires of the City

    Scarf: vintage Ann Taylor

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    Thank you! I take that as high praise from you.

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    My grad school style

    Casual: JCrew and Ann Taylor separates paired with band tees.

    Professional: All the Ann Taylor.

  9. butthorn:

bunny doodles


    bunny doodles

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    Post Easter dresses. #lovethesesisters

    Post Easter dresses. #lovethesesisters

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  12. beawilderment:

    he’s making it hop

    this is the only thing I care about

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  13. My goal is to some day attend Coachella dressed entirely in Ann Taylor apparel.

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  14. I like that Kell On Earth is on Netflix now.

    I feel like it’s giving me a warm up for the hell I think I want to do for the beginning of my career.

  15. ackb:

    Hey teacher friends! Did you know you can get a free Basecamp account if you’re a teacher?

    I use Basecamp for work and kind of love it. 

    Check it out!